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Sesame rice cake(芝麻饭团)

I love rice, and almost have rice everyday…this “sesame rice cake” is a Japanese-style snack, made of rice(brown rice will works also), glutinous rice, soybean sauce and white sesame, pan-fry over medium heat. It’s an easy, fast and tasty snack, I had it with extra quality Chinese green tea… Advertisements

Korean spicy fried rice cake 韩式辣炒米条

A 10 minutes quick dish for a busy weekday. It taste a bit spicy to me, so if you don’t that much like spicy food, you can just try to add some tomato sauce into the Sweet & Spicy Topokki Hot Sauce. The rice cake can be easily found in Asian market. Ingredients: 1/2 yellow onions 1 carrot 1/2 green pepper … Continue reading

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