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My favorite Chinese condiment/seasoning brands

My favorite Chinese condiment / seasoning brands/我最喜欢的几种调味品品牌   1. Soy sauce:Haitian (海天)          2. Essense of chicken:Totole (太太乐) 3. Sesame oil:Lee kum kee (李锦记) 4. White pepper:McCormick (味好美) 5. Vinegar:Hengshun (恒顺)           6. Dark soy sauce:Lee kum kee (李锦记) Advertisements

Chinese ingredient – Sweet bean sauce(甜面酱)

Chinese ingredient – Sweet bean sauce 甜面酱(Tian mian jiang) Tian mian jiang is a thick, dark brown- or black-colored Chinese sauce made from wheat flour, sugar, salt, mantou, and fermented yellow soybeans (the lees left over from the fermentation of soybean to make soy sauce). Translation of the term into English includes sweet bean sauce, sweet bean paste, sweet soybean … Continue reading

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