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Friend’s kitchen–”Lazy dragon roll” (懒龙)by Xin yangyang

[About] Xin yangyang Xin yangyang comes from Beijing, studied in Japan, now living in Belgium with her husband KK, her pretty twin daughters Luna , Kana and a dog Ponyo. Learn more about Xin yangyang: Xin yangyang‘s recipe – a traditional Beijing local delicacies –  “Lazy dragon roll” Ingredients 500g all-purpose flour 300g ground pork 1 cup chopped green onions … Continue reading

Friend’s kitchen–Chinese vegetables pie(茴香素盒子) by Taozi

[Friend’s kitchen] — Chinese Huixiang pie (by Taozi) An optimistic, lovely Aquarius girl. Now lives in Germany with her husband. Loves cooking, pork and milk are her favorite food! She has over 25 thousands of fans following her blog on Sina! Blog: Weibo: Prep: 30 minutes  Cook: 20 minutes  Makes: 8 pies Ingredients(For wrappers) 2 cups all-purpose Flour 3/4 cup Water 1/3 teaspoon salt Ingredients(For filling) … Continue reading

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