Egg, Noodles/Rice, Soup

Ge da soup 疙瘩汤

Prep: 10 minutes  Cook: 10 minutes  Makes: 1 serving


1 cup all purpose flour

1/2 cup water

1 egg, beaten.

1 tomato, sliced.

1 tablespoon dried small shrimps(Optional. I didn’t use this time, but it’s normally used in traditional way.)

1 cup spinach leaves

2 cups pork broth or water(I use water this time. My mom usually use 2 hours-stew pork spareribs broth, so delicious!)

2 teaspoon essence of chicken(no need if you use pork broth)

1 teaspoon cooking oil

1 teaspoon sesame oil

1 teaspoons Chinese vinegar(I use Zhenjiang vinegar”镇江香醋”)

Salt and white pepper powder to taste


1. Place flour in a wide container (plate/baking sheet), very slowly pour in 1/2 cup water by your left hand and at the same time use your right hand(chopsticks or fork) fast stir the flour, then you can see many small pieces in the bowl.

2. Separate the big pieces by hands or chopsticks. spread some flour over the pieces to avoid them stick together before cooking.

4. Heat oil over middle-high heat in a wok or skillet, stir in dried small shrimps cook for a minute, then add sliced tomatoes in the wok, cook and stir until it’s completely tender.

5. Pour in pork broth or water, bring to boil.

6. Stir in flour pieces(separate the big pieces before add in the wok), bring to boil again. season with salt, white pepper powder, essence of chicken( if don’t use chicken broth).

7. Turn the heat to low, slowly add beaten egg in the wok (use chopsticks or a fork to keep egg pure off slowly), don’t stir, just wait 20 second or until see the eggs flowers are floating off,  turn off the heat immediately, then add spinach leaves in the wok.

8. Pour in vinegar and sesame oil. mix well.

9. Serve immediately, Garnish with shopped cilantro if you like.


  • Slightly stir the flour into bite size, don’t  squeeze by hands when stir, It’ll makes the pieces hard and chewy.
  • Turn off heat immediately when the egg flowers begin to float. The egg flower will be broken when overcooked.
  • Add some salt in the flour to make it more tasty if you like.
  • Ge da soup is a traditional dish in Northern China, we usually have it for breakfast or dinner.

About Jenny liu

I am Jenny and I come from Northern China, now live in Beijing and Seattle. This site is a place where I share my favorite authentic home-cooked Chinese recipes. Just give it a try if you like what you see here! I strongly believe that food tastes better and healthier when it's homemade!


6 thoughts on “Ge da soup 疙瘩汤

  1. Jenny, this looks delicious! I will have to try this.

    Posted by mrsjpvan2 | 2011-09-20, 18:39
  2. I love Chinese soup. Could i use some kind of noodles if I don’t want to make my own dumplings?

    Posted by Dalai Lina | 2011-09-21, 19:20
    • Hi Dalai Lina, of course you can use any kind of noodles you like, sometimes I making the soup with Chinese egg noodles. enjoy your cooking!

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-21, 22:09
  3. Hi Jenny: I used to live in the town of Alameda, CA, east of San Francisco. There is a small Sichuan restaurant there called The Ark. I took my mom there after it first opened a few years ago, and they had “ge da” soup on the menu. My mom had to order it, as she had not seen or eaten since leaving Shanghai in her teens—40 years prior. She came from a large family with a live-in cook and ge da was often added to soup made with leftovers. At The Ark, they serve in a spicy broth with mixed seafood (and make the noodle “droplets” where you can watch, too!). Thanks for sharing this simple delicacy and keeping traditional Chinese cooking alive!

    Posted by Keith L. | 2012-03-08, 10:42
    • Hi Keith, Thank you for you nice comment! I am glad to help you re-live your memory of “ge da”! My mom cooked “Ge da soup” very often too when I was young, so I also have a lot of warm and lovely memories about it! I have been taken a lot of business trip to Shanghai in the past 6 years, I love Shanghai food very much! It’s delicious, healthy and fine food! I hope someday I have a chance go to Shanghai to learn how to cook Shanghai food!

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2012-03-10, 15:17

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