Ingredients – Chinese Five-spice Powder

Five-spice powder is a mixture of five spices endemic to Chinese cuisine.

The formulae are based on the Chinese philosophy of balancing the “yin” and “yang” in food. There are many variants, the most common is Chinese star anise, cloves, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper and ground fennel seeds. Instead of true cinnamon, “Chinese cinnamon” (also known as rougui, the ground bark of the cassia tree, a close relative of true cinnamon which is often sold as cinnamon), may be used. The spices need not be used in equal quantities.

Five-spice powder may be used with greasy meat like pork, beef, lamp chicken and duck,

and as a spice rub for chicken, duck, lamp and seafood. Many Chinese households use it in day-to-day cooking as a spice to stew meat and poultry, or as a seasoning of the filling of dumpling, as well as making stew sauce.

A seasoned salt can be easily made by stir frying common salt with Five-spice powder under low heat in a dry pan until the spice and salt are well mixed.





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I am Jenny and I come from Northern China, now live in Beijing and Seattle. This site is a place where I share my favorite authentic home-cooked Chinese recipes. Just give it a try if you like what you see here! I strongly believe that food tastes better and healthier when it's homemade!


5 thoughts on “Ingredients – Chinese Five-spice Powder

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve heard of Chinese spice powders but never knew what was in it. Great post

    Posted by Kay aka Babygirl | 2011-09-13, 13:53
    • Thank you so much! My mom use it everytime she making dumplings, stew meat…the food taste so good when adding five-spice powder! thanks for stopping by!

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-14, 02:03
  2. I love using five spice. I use it on seared sea scallops, salmon, and pork. I have also used it in desserts.

    Posted by Karen | 2011-09-15, 06:57
    • Hi Karen, I love using five-spice too, I use it almost everyday in my food! I can’t wait to try adding it to dessert, this sounds very interesting! thanks for sharing this with me!

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-15, 16:39
  3. 这个五香粉老外会用吗?


    Posted by Chinese Food Blog | 2014-11-09, 09:37

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