International cuisine/世界美食

Lazy Sunday!

A simple and delicious meal for a lazy Sunday…

About Jenny liu

I am Jenny and I come from Northern China, now live in Beijing and Seattle. This site is a place where I share my favorite authentic home-cooked Chinese recipes. Just give it a try if you like what you see here! I strongly believe that food tastes better and healthier when it's homemade!


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday!

  1. Hmmm. It looks so good! Did you eat that all by yourself?

    Posted by yukitchen | 2011-09-10, 11:22
    • Hello! thanks for you comment! Actualy that’s for my boyfriend! it’s tooooo big for me!

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-10, 14:32
  2. Oh this meal looks absolutely amazing and delicious. I am to tally hungry right now lol

    Posted by Kay aka Babygirl | 2011-09-11, 22:55
    • Hi! thanks for your nice comment! I am very glad that you like it! The recipes you has shared in your blog are looks great! and the all the pictures looks very nice, keep it up! Happy Mid-Autumn festival!

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-12, 01:45

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