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Friend’s kitchen–Chinese vegetables pie(茴香素盒子) by Taozi

[Friend’s kitchen] — Chinese Huixiang pie (by Taozi)

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Prep: 30 minutes  Cook: 20 minutes  Makes: 8 pies

Ingredients(For wrappers)

2 cups all-purpose Flour

3/4 cup Water

1/3 teaspoon salt

Ingredients(For filling)

2 cups chopped fresh fennel leaves

3 eggs

1/2 cup chopped edible fungus(Put edible fungus in water in a bowl and let stand until softened, then chopped.)

Seasoning(For filling)

Cooking oil

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 teaspoon Chinese five species powder

1 teaspoon mei ji seasoning sauce(Optional)

3 tablespoons water


1. Place flour in a bowl, add salt and warm water, Mix and knead the flour into a dough, Covered with wet towel and let it stand for 30 minutes.

2. Beat eggs, then add some water in the beaten eggs, beat and mix well. heat 2 tasps cooking oil in a wok, cook eggs and cut it into small pieces when stirring. remove eggs, set aside.

3. Put chopped fresh fennel leaves in a bowl, season with 2 tasps cooking oil, cooked egg, soy sauce, Chinese five species powder, meiji seasoning sauce(optional). mix well.

4. As the filling are prepared, take a egg-big dough roll into a round dumpling wrapper. place 2 tasps filling on the center of the wrapper, fold up the wrapper, squeeze the edge of the wrapper, then slightly press and flatten the dumpling by fingers on cutting board.

5. Heat 3 tasps cooking oil in a pan over low-high heat, fry the dumpling, 2 minutes for a side or until the two sides are turn gold.


  • Add salt only before you are ready to wrap, salt can makes the filling too moisture if add it early.
  • The dough should be soft, if hard, add more water or let it stand for 10 more minutes.
  • The Chinese five species powder and Mei ji seasoning sauce can be found in Asian markets.
  • If you use a big pan, fry 3-4 in the same time to save your time.

















                     – – – Taozi


Weibo: http://weibo.com/pepperbox
朋友的厨房 – 茴香素盒子 by Taozi

面皮:2杯面粉,3/4杯水,1/3 茶匙盐。




1. 将面粉放入碗中,加盐和温水,揉成面团,盖上湿毛巾醒发30分钟。

2. 打鸡蛋,并加水搅匀,用热油炒散炒碎,盛出备用。

3. 将切好的茴香放入一个大碗中,用2汤匙油,炒熟的鸡蛋碎,酱油,五香粉,美极鲜味汁(可选)调味,搅拌均匀。

4. 馅料准备好之后,去一个鸡蛋大小的面团擀成大点的饺子皮,放入两汤匙馅料,包成饺子形状,边缘按实,然后把饺子放在案板上用手指轻轻按扁一些做成盒子。

5. 用小火将2汤匙油在平底锅中烧热,放入盒子两面各煎2,3分钟左右,或者煎到两面金黄即可出锅。


  • 最后包的时候再撒盐,不然馅料容易出水。
  • 面团应该软一点,如果和硬了可以加些水,或者再多醒一会儿。
  • 如果有大点的煎锅,可以一次多煎几个,以节省时间。

About Jenny liu

I am Jenny and I come from Northern China, now live in Beijing and Seattle. This site is a place where I share my favorite authentic home-cooked Chinese recipes. Just give it a try if you like what you see here! I strongly believe that food tastes better and healthier when it's homemade!


12 thoughts on “Friend’s kitchen–Chinese vegetables pie(茴香素盒子) by Taozi

  1. This looks delicious, but I’m not familiar with mei ji seasoning sauce. Also, does she mean fennel bulbs or the actual green dill-like fennel leaves? They look great.

    Posted by Budget Cooking Blog | 2011-09-07, 15:51
    • Hi, thank you for your nice comment! Mei ji sauce is a optional seasoning in this dish, in the traditional way to make Chinese pie, we not often use it, it’s taste just like soy sauce but more flavorful. About fennel leaves, Please see the following comment from Taozi. Any question about the dish just fell free to let me know:)

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-08, 00:33
  2. this is fennel leaves,it’s a kind of vegetable in china,but normally we just use it as stuffing,with meat or egg.Fennel seed is spice.—–Tao Zi

    Posted by Anonymous | 2011-09-08, 00:07
    • Hey Taizi, Thanks for your quick reply! I’ m going to make some vegetables pie this weekend, but spinach or 韭菜 instead because it’s not easy to get fennel leaves here. Have a nice day!

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-08, 00:41
  3. Those look so delicious! I think I may brave these and try making them!

    Posted by Run DMT | 2011-09-10, 15:28
    • Thank you so much for you nice comment! you can use othe vegetables you like to instead fennel leavs, happy cooking!

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-10, 19:28
  4. Those look absolutely delicious. Love the use of fennel leaves.

    Posted by Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide | 2011-09-10, 19:17
    • Thank you so much! by the way, have you ever found and used fennel leaves to ccok food in US?

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-10, 19:34
    • But I buy fennel bulbs with the green still on it. It’s a thick stalk and there are greener leafier parts too. Is that what you mean in the recipe, or did I read it wrong?

      Posted by Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide | 2011-09-10, 20:55
    • Yes, this was just what i mean in my recipe! Thank you so much for this quick reply! by the way, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!:)

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-11, 00:13
  5. This looks so tasty and what a unique recipe – definitely looking forward to trying a version of these vegetable pies.

    Posted by Ashley@bakerbynature | 2011-09-11, 09:39
    • Hi! Thank you for your nice comment! This is a very traditional recipe in China, the filling can be any kind of vegetable you like. Chinese people always have the vegetable pie flling with a combination of vegetables and meat, for example: Chinese chives, fried eggs and ground pork. You’re right! that taste so tasty and flavorful! This is one of my favorite Chinese dishes! Thanks for stopping by and happy Chinese Mid-Autumn festival!

      Posted by Jenny liu | 2011-09-11, 15:15

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