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Friend’s kitchen – Fried spicy hua ge(辣炒花蛤) by Lisa

[Friend’s kitchen] — Fried spicy Hua ge (by Lisa) Lisa comes from Lian yungang city, Jiangsu province, China (Southern China), now live in Beijing but will soon move to US with her husband in this Oct. She’s a teacher of  Montessori International kindergarten in Beijing and has been a teacher over 9 years! She loves cooking, dancing and knitting, She has shown some of her knitting work … Continue reading

Roasted chicken leg with secret ingredients!秘制烤鸡腿

(Photo: Roasted chicken leg in secret ingredients) potatoes, carrots and chicken is a great combination to roast together! My secret ingredients for the marinade of chicken, potatoes and carrots are 1 teaspoon Chinese five spicies powder(五香粉) and extra 1 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder(孜然粉-a kind of plant grown in Xin jiang,China.) This two ingredients can be found in Asian market. Except the two indredients, … Continue reading

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