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Friend’s kitchen–”Lazy dragon roll” (懒龙)by Xin yangyang

Friend’s kitchen–”Lazy dragon roll” (懒龙)by Xin yangyang

[About] Xin yangyang Xin yangyang comes from Beijing, studied in Japan, now living in Belgium with her husband KK, her pretty twin daughters Luna , Kana and a dog Ponyo. Learn more about Xin yangyang: Xin yangyang‘s recipe – a traditional Beijing local delicacies –  “Lazy dragon roll” Ingredients 500g all-purpose flour 300g ground pork 1 cup chopped green onions … Continue reading

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  • Top 8 Foreigner's favorite restaurant in Beijing (The ranking is by TOP 1:Dadong peking duck Peking duck, Almond jelly. $30 / person TOP 2:Nali Crispy shrimp in secret ingredients, Chinese yam with osmanthus sauce. $16 / person TOP 3: Qiao Jiang Nan (South Beauty) Fatty beef boil on stone, Rock and roll (Shaked)salad, Water boil fish.(Si Chuan cuisine) $25 / person TOP 4: Lao Han Zi Hakka cuisine San bei duck, Zhi bao fish. $10 / person TOP 5: Yu Xiang Ren Jia Water boil fish, Chuan Bei Liang fen.(Si Chuan cuisine) $13 / person TOP 6:  San Gui Zhang Men Fish boil in sour sauce, Rice tofu.(Gui Zhou cuisine) $9 / person TOP 7: Jin gu cang (Gold barn) Kou Shui chicken, Dan Dan noodle. $20 / person  TOP 8: Jing xin lian (vegetarian) Finger sausage, Vegetable roll. $25 / person  /8个外国人最喜欢的北京餐馆 TOP 1:大董烤鸭  北京烤鸭/杏仁豆腐. TOP 2:那里小馆 秘制脆皮虾/桂花山药. TOP 3:俏江南 江石滚肥牛/摇滚沙拉/水煮鱼. TOP 4:老汉字客家菜馆 三杯鸭/纸包鲈鱼. TOP 5:渝乡人家 水煮鱼/川北凉粉. TOP 6:三贵掌门  酸汤鱼/米豆腐. TOP 7:金谷仓  担担面/口水鸡. TOP 8:净心莲 一指禅/手卷.
  • 2007 Top10 Chinese's favorite home-cooking dish  Top 1:Sweet and sour sparerib Top 2: Fish-flavored shredded pork Top 3:Water cooked fish Top 4:Gong bao chicken Top 5:Sour pickled cabbage fish Top 6:Red-braised pork Top 7:Hot and sour shredded potato Top 8:Twice cook pork Top 9:Coca-cola chicken wing Top 10:Mapo tofu *The ranking result from; the pictures from baidu.排名结果来自;图片来自百度。


Welcome to My Favorite Chinese Recipes! I am Jenny and I come from Northern China, now live in Beijing and Seattle. This site is a place where I share my favorite authentic home-cooking Chinese recipes. If you follow my recipes, you will be making real authentic Chinese food, which you might not be able to easily find in your country! Just give it a try if you like what you see here! I strongly believe that food tastes better and healthier when it's homemade!


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